Massage Experiences

Relieve sore muscles, relax your tired mind and re-energize your body. Let our highly trained professional massage therapists help you to relax, repair and pamper your sore and tired muscles.


Simply Your Swedish Massage

A relaxing Swedish massage to help soothe and calm tired muscles.

30 minutes$45.00
45 minutes$62.00
60 minutes$76.00
90 minutes$110.00

Deep Tissue Fitness Massage

This targeted deep tissue massage will help relieve sore muscles and improve range of motion.

30 minutes$50.00
45 minutes$70.00
60 minutes$86.00
90 minutes$122.00

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth stones and rich oils are used to penetrate fatigued muscles. The therapist glides heated stones over large muscle groups with smooth sweeping strokes, allowing heat and pressure to ease muscle tension and promote relaxation.

60 minutes$100.00
90 minutes$135.00

Essential Oil Massage

Enjoy the benefits of essential oil & massage therapy. Select an essential oil from our collection of Edens Garden Essential Oils to be used during your 60 minute Simply Your Massage. Enjoy the benefit of these oils while you are here and then take home the remaining essential oil in the 5ml bottle to continue your relaxation at your home or office.

60 minutes$90.00

Couples Massage

We offer romantic couple massages for those who want to enjoy and experience a massage with their significant other in the same room.

30 minutes$100.00
45 minutes$130.00
60 minutes$160.00
90 minutes$220.00

Mom's Ultimate Massage

For the mom who loves a great massage we are offering The Ultimate Massage. This one hour and fifteen minutes of bliss includes a fabulous 45 minute Swedish massage and our Ultimate foot massage which will refresh and invigorate moms tired feet. And you can’t beat the price, only $107.00

Pamper Mom$107.00

Mommy Massage

Ideal for the 'Mommy-to-be'. Helps alleviate upper and lower back pain, edema and overall fatigue associated with pregnancy.

The massage is not suitable for those in their first trimester of pregnancy (under 13 weeks) or those with a high-risk pregnancy.

45 minutes$65.00
60 minutes$80.00
90 minutes$115.00

Chair Massage

This is a quick fix for the person on the go. This treatment is completed with the client fully clothed and targets the neck, shoulders and back.

15 minutes$20.00

Ultimate Foot Massage

Your feet will thank you. Your tired feet will be treated to hot towels, a heavenly foot massage and will be soothed with a decadent shea butter. Nothing better for sore, tired tootsies.

30 minutes$45.00


Soothe nerve endings, loosen tight muscles, improve blood circulation, reduce stress, and remove toxins by stimulating areas on the feet and/or hands that correspond to different parts of our anatomy, helping to promote overall health and wellness.

30 minutes$45.00

Massage Series - Swedish

Purchase a series of five of our one-hour Simply Your Massages and receive one more FREE. Save $76.00. Perfect to use for yourself or to give as a gift.

6 hours$380.00

Massage Series - Deep Tissue

Purchase a series of five one-hour Deep Tissue Massages and receive one more FREE. Save $86.00. Six for the price of five.

6 hours$430.00

Massage Enhancements & Add-ons

Choose one of these massage enhancements to add to your massage treatment and create a custom experience to meet your massage needs.



Your choice of therapeutic essential oils to meet your specific needs.

We are proud to offer four essential oil synergy blends from Eden's Garden for you to choose from.

Hope Blend: An illustrious blend that promotes a sense confidence and strength. When life fails to feel balanced, Hope blend ushers in resilience and grounding. When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."

Hope is an even mixture of Cassia, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Sweet Orange and Tangerine.

Relaxation Blend: A peaceful medley that encourages deep breathing and calm. The balanced notes fight off anxiety, stress and depression while re-inviting a sense of peace.

Relaxation is a tranquil blend of Chamomile, Geranium, Lavender, Mandarin, Sweet Marjoram and Patchouli.

Calming Blend: A classically pure blend created with gentle essential oils. Calming blend quiets the mind and carefully eases tension.

Calming is a balanced mixture of Lemongrass, Sweet Orange and Ylang Ylang.

Stay Alert Blend: A vibrant and minty blend that sparks an alert and steady mind. It helps promote clear and present thinking while increasing energy and positivity.

Stay Alert is an exceptional mixture of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint and Pine.

Essential oils may be tested at the spa, available oils may vary from time to time.


Hot Stone Add-on

A great way to try the benefit of hot stones.

0 minutes$20.00

Tandem Services

Specialty services utilizing two therapists during one service.


The Perfect Pair

The name says it all!

During a one hour time frame you will be pampered by two therapists enjoying a 45 minute Swedish massage and our Fast Results the same time. This tandem service provides the health and wellness benefits of massage and the skin rejuvenation benefits of a facial packaged all into one.

Try will love it!

60 minutes$107.00

Skin Care Experiences

Allow your skin to be nurtured and cared for by our highly trained skin care professionals and estheticians. Let them help you restore, re balance and replenish your skin.


Radiance Rescue Facial: NEW SERVICE

Want instant-radiance? This facial is designed to wake up your skin and deliver an enviable glow as it improves lines, hydration
and under eye puff. You'll experience an invigorating deep cleanse, refreshing exfoliation, and a Youth Renewal Massage. Next,
a pro-concentrated radiance power treatment and mask will indulge your skin with a luminous glow. A must-book treatment before
any big event – or any time you want radiant skin.

60 minutes$90.00

Collagen Rehab Facial - NEW SERVICE

Rehabilitate your skin's aging, lined, exhausted appearance with this innovative, collagen-targeted treatment. After an invigorating exfoliation and Youth Renewal Massage, your skin will be saturated with a powerful amino acid power treatment to help support skin's youth collagen and elastin performance – so lines appear filled, skin looks firmer, and acts years younger. You'll emerge with improved line appearance, and renewed, firmer and more dewy skin.

60 minutes$90.00

Chinese Herbology Facial

A one-of-a kind, dual action, retexturizing facial to deliver both physical and chemical exfoliation with Bioelements cult-favorite Chinese Herbology. You'll experience a complete exfoliating facial featuring these ancient herbal granules to first sweep away dulling cells, then melt into the skin, releasing natural AHAs. You'll emerge with skin that's smoother, brighter and completely revitalized.

During your time you will also be treated to the Chinese Herbology Hand Renewal and Elbow Treatments which are fast action add-on treatments that will rid elbows and hands of roughness and the depigmenter will help brighten and minimize the look of spots. Hands will emerge softer, smoother and younger.

60 minutes$100.00

Simply Your Custom Blended Facial

There is no facial more personalized to your needs than this. Each step is a fusion of science, natural botanicals, aromatherapy oils and luxurious techniques customized with clinical strength ingredients uniquely designed to deliver results.The first step begins with a Bioelements SkinReading to determine your concerns and skin goals, followed by invigorating cleansing, exfoliation and skin sedation, a custom blended aroma therapeutic facial massage, plus a power treatment and mask targeted to your concerns.

Please allow an additional 15 minutes for your skin care professional to consult with you regarding your skin care goals and concerns. Based on those goals/concerns and your skin care professionals assessment of your skin, a customized facial with advanced treatments may be suggested.Advanced treatments, if requested by the guest, range from $5-$20 additional charge.

60 minute facial + 15 minutes consultation$80.00
90 minute facial + 15 minutes of consulation$110.00

Facial Series - Simply Your Custom Blended Facial

Purchase a series of five Simply Your Facials and you receive one more FREE. That is a $80.00 savings. Perfect to get for yourself or to give as a gift.

6 hours$400.00

Fast Results Facial

Short on time? Then it's your choice between a Facial, Lift, Peel or Eye Smoother. These quick, yet highly personalized treatments will cleanse, exfoliate and revitalize your skin in just 30 minutes.

The Facial will leave your skin feeling clean, smooth and revitalized.

The Lift will tighten and firm.

The Peel will soften and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

The Eye Smoother will brighten dark circles and de-puff the eyes.

Your choice. At the time of your appointment let your skin care professional know which treatment you prefer.

30 minutes$45.00

Fast Results Back Treatment

Give your back the spotlight with this fast “facial for the flipside”. It starts with a deep cleanse and exfoliation, followed by a relaxing aromatherapeutic massage and targeted treatment customized to your skin’s needs. We’ll finish with a mask designed to brighten, smooth and re-energize so your back is ready for anything.

30 minutes$60.00

Ultra-Detox Facial & Chemical Peel

The skin you want is under the skin you see. Reveal it with Bioelements powerful, non-surgical acid-hybrid peel.

You'll undo years of visible damage and premature age signs - without the redness, flaking, or actual "peeling" of the skin from a traditional peel.This advanced peel technology removes the uppermost layers of the skin at a microscopic level, to immediately tighten, unclog pores, improve lines and leave skin with a younger, velvety-smooth texture. Plus, you'll benefit from detoxifying activated charcoal to draw out aging impurities. Best results achieved with a series of treatments - your esthetician will choose from two different glycolic acid levels to meet your skin's needs each time.

Simply Your Spa recommends guests first schedule our Simply Your Customized Facial so that our estheticians can properly assess your skin and recommend a home regimen prior to receiving a chemical peel.The Ultra-Detox Facial & Chemical Peel may be used as a one time treatment however we recommend our Progressive Ultra-Detox Facial Series for your best results.

60 minutes$90.00

Advanced Anti-Aging Facial

Our increasingly dirty world is full of skin-aging atmospheric stressors from pollution, exhaust fumes, industrial smoke, ozone, extreme weather, free radicals and more. New research shows that skin exposed to daily toxic pollution becomes prematurely aged, weakened, dull, dehydrated, hyperpigmented and sensitized. This facial is designed to effectively target and protect atmospherically-compromised skin – you'll emerge with stronger, brighter, revived skin.

60 minutes$90.00

Nail Care Experiences

We provide a variety of natural nail care experiences. Choose the one that best meets your needs.


Simply Your Manicure

Our pampered manicure includes shaping, cuticle treatment, massage and a polish of your choice.


Sea Spa Manicure

Exfoliation with a sea salt glow that will leave your skin silky smooth followed by a rich moisturizing massage, your hands are wrapped and placed in warming mitts. Cuticles are groomed, nails reshaped and buffed and polished to profection.


Shellac Gel Manicure

A revolutionary product that is changing the way women get their nails done Shellac Nails look as good if not better than acrylic nails. Shellac Nails last up to 14 days with zero dry time, without losing shine or shimmer. They are hard and do not scratch or smudge. You will love them!

40 minutes$40.00

Simply Your Pedicure

Includes shaping, a cuticle treatment, massage, exfoliation and a polish of your choice.


Sea Spa Pedicure

Our Simply Your Pedicure with an exfoliating salt glow and hydrating mask.


Champagne & Rose Pedicure

A luxurious indulgence....your feet will thank you. Relaxation with great results. This treatment uses a Champagne & Rose Mineral Bath which provides you with a superior additive to the foot bath to assist in the removal of dead skin cells, soften calluses, kills fungus and strengthen nails A grape enzyme helps slough away dead skin cells and calluses. A rose scrub is used to polish off the skin and a rich champagne and rose butter cream brings this fabulous treatment to an end.


Sea Spa Manicure Series

Purchase a series of five Sea Spa Manicures and you will receive one more FREE! A $35.00 savings. Perfect gift for the lady who receives frequent manicures or for you to use for yourself.

4 hours$175.00

Sea Spa Pedicure Series

Purchase a series of five Sea Spa Pedicures and receive one more FREE!. A $50.00 savings. Perfect gift for that individual who gets frequent pedicure or could use some assistance with foot care. Or a great way to treat yourself.

4.5 hours$250.00

Shellac Manicure Series

Purchase a series of five Shellac Manicures and you will receive one more FREE! A $40.00 savings. Perfect gift for the lady who receives frequent manicures or for you to use for yourself.

6 hours$200.00

Express Manicure

A quick service. Perfect for anyone short on time or for group trying to get a large number of manicures complete in a short period of time.

20 minutes$20.00

Express Pedicure

Perfect for anyone short on time or for groups trying to get a large number of pedicures complete in a short period of time.

30 minutes$30.00

Couples Pedicures

Treat yourselves to our Sea Spa Pedicures as you sit side by side. A great date night or time for best friends.

60 minutes$100.00

Pumpkin Spice Pedi (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

Delight in the scents of autumn with this spicy blend of pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg.The soft aroma evokes the spirit of fall and inspires a sense of relaxation while hydrating and soothing the skin.This Pumpkin Spice Collection is rich in naturally occurring antioxidants, essential fatty acids, carotenoids, polyphenols, and contains remarkably high levels of vitamin E. just smells good.

While Supplies Last

50 minutes$50.00

Juicy Apple Pedi (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

Bursting with the crisp and delicious scent of fresh picked apples, this Juicy Apple Collection will uplift your senses and nurture your feet.Natural hydrating Juicy Apple with a moisturizing exfoliation,(due to the essential oils)body butter, massage oil for a yummy fall pedi.

While Supplies Last

50 minutes$50.00

Nail Care Enhancements

Add any of these services to enhance your nail treatment.


Paraffin Hand or Feet Infusion

This moisturizing treatment for hands or feet can be added to any service. Great for the skin, muscles and joints just feels great.


French Manicure

A beautiful French finish to any manicure.


French Pedicure

A beautiful French finish to any pedicure.


Body Experiences

Immerse yourself in one of these full body experiences.


Herbology Body Retexturizer

Experience Bioelements therapeutic body exfoliation that uses medicinal Chinese herbs to smooth and retexturize your skin from neck to toes. It starts with an application of warm Hazelnut Oil followed by an exfoliating Herbology massage. You’ll then be cocooned in heated thermal blankets to melt the therapeutic granules into your skin. The result will be silky smooth, revitalized skin that will feel comfortable for days.

50 minutes$75.00

CryoThermic Body Treatment

Encourage your body’s natural slimming process with this intensely active body wrap. You’ll enjoy the dual sensation of invigorating heat and revitalizing cool energies as CryoThermic Body Gel activates your microcirculation. As you’re wrapped and relaxed, this intensive thermal process will immediately begin to target puffiness and swelling due to water retention, tissue firmness, unwanted toxins and sluggish microcirculation from lack of exercise. The result is a more toned, revitalized body.

This treatment get very cold and may be uncomfortable to anyone who is very sensitive to cold. We also encourage your to drink lots of water before and after this treatment as the detoxification is aggressive. Staying well hydrated helps the process.

This service is not recommended for anyone who is pregnant.

60 minutes$80.00

For Him

Made for men.


Gentleman's Facial

A customized treatment designed to keep your skin looking its very best. We’ll start with deep cleansing and exfoliation to target any breakouts, blackheads and ingrown hairs. Next, a custom blended Bioelements mask will be applied to soothe, balance and tone your skin. All this, plus a relaxing massage of the face, neck and shoulders. You’ll emerge looking and feeling like a million.

60 minute facial + 15 minutes of consultation to determine you specific skin care goals/concerns. Following the consultation advanced skin care treatments may be suggested with range from a $5-$10 additional charge.

60 minutes$80.00


His manicure includes shaping, cuticle treatment, massage, and buff.


Sports Pedicure

Includes shaping, a cuticle treatment,massage and exfoliation.


The GQ Package

The perfect spa package for any man. Includes a Deep Tissue Fitness Massage (60 min), Gentleman's Facial and the Sports Pedicure. Allow 3 hours.

Please allow 3 hours$201.00

Eyebrow Grooming

Perfect eyebrow grooming for today's GQ man.


Back Wax

Perfect for the right man.


Chest Wax

Perfect for the right man.



We provide professional waxing services to meet all of your needs.


Eyebrow Design

The perfect eyebrow shaping and design by our talented skin care specialists.


Lip wax

Upper lip.


Chin wax

Chin wax.


Full Face wax

Includes eyebrow, lip, chin, cheeks, and forehead.


Half Arm wax

Forearm wax.


Full Arm wax

Includes upper arm, elbow, and forearm.


Underarm wax

Underarm wax.


Half Leg wax

Includes knee and lower leg.


Full Leg wax

Includes the upper leg, knee, and lower leg.


Chest wax


Minimum Price$40.00

Back wax


Minimum Price$45.00

Abdomen wax

Stomach area on the abdomen.

20 minutes$30.00

Bikini wax

Bikini Wax.

Minimum Price$40.00

Brazilian wax

Removes all the hair "down there."

Minimum Price$55.00

Tinting Services

Adding a light, semi-permanent tint to your lashes and brows can enhance your look.


Eyebrow Tinting

A light, semi-permanent tint added to your eyebrows.


Eyelash Tinting

A light, semi-permanent tint to your eyelashes.


Spa Package Experiences

An assortment of our already wonderful services in these great packages. Treat yourself or someone you know to ultimate indulgence and relaxation.


Half Day Indulgence

An entire half day of pampering! Includes the Simply Your Massage (60 min), Simply Your Custom Blended Facial, Simply Your Manicure and Simply Your Pedicure. Allow 4 hours.

Please allow 3.5 hours$221.00

Simply Your Sampler

A great intro to Spa Culture.

Simply Your Massage (30 minutes),
Fast Results Facial, Express Manicure and Express Pedicure

2 hours$140.00

Champagne & Roses Package

Includes a 60 minute Simply Your Massage infused with a lucious champagne oil followed by our Champagne & Rose Pedicure.

Champagne & Roses $131.00

Utlimate Feet Treat Package

Are your feet tired, sore or just need pampering? Then this is the package for you or to give that someone who deserves to be pampered. You will be treated to a 30 minute ultimate foot massage which includes hot towels, a decadent shea butter lotion and a combination of traditional foot massage and reflexology. You will then move to our pedicure nook for our Sea Spa Pedicure. This package will put pep in your step. Perfect gift for him or her.

80 minutes$95.00

Couples Spa Package

Redefine 'date-night' by enjoying a time a relaxation together. The pampered couple will enjoy a one-hour Swedish Couples Massage, followed by our Couples Pedicures. Both will enjoy our Sea Spa Pedicure which includes a scrub and mask.

Our couples package is perfect for date-night, the honeymoon, anniversaries, birthdays or.....just because. This will be one date they will not forget.

A gift certificate for our Couple's Spa Package also makes a great gift for any couple for any occasion.

Couples getaway$260.00

The Pleasure Seeker

For the ultimate in spa indulgence. Enjoy a 60 minute Simply Your Swedish Massage, followed by the Herbology Body Treatment. After a few minutes of relaxation in our spa lounge you will be treated to the Simply Your Custom Blended Facial. Move to the nail room for a Sea Spa Manicure and Sea Spa Pedicure. Please allow 5 hours.

Please allow 5 hours$316.00

The GQ Package

Perfect for any man. They will enjoy a 60 min. Deep Tissue Fitness Massage, our Gentleman's Facial and a Sports Pedicure.

For every man$201.00

Two Girls & A Spa Package

Perfect for a girls day at the spa, whether it's for mother & daughter, grandmother & granddaughter, BFFs, cousins, co-workers or any other will enjoy your time together. Each gal will be treated to a 60 minute Aromatherapy Massage, Champagne & Rose Pedicure and a Shellac Manicure. We apologize that this package may not be booked online. Call the spa to schedule.

Spend time with your favorite gal. $362

Girls Package$362.00

Treatment Series

Purchase a series of five of your favorite service and receive one FREE. That is a 20% savings. Series available for purchase on-line include our: One-hour Simply Your Massage (Swedish), One-hour Deep Tissue Massage, Simply Your Facial, Sea Spa Manicure, Sea Spa Pedicure and Brazilian Waxing. All other service series may be purchased at the spa.


Massage Series - Swedish

Purchase a series of five of our one-hour Simply Your Massages and receive one more FREE. Save $76.00. Perfect to use for yourself or to give as a gift.

6 hours$380.00

Massage Series - Deep Tissue

Purchase a series of five one-hour Deep Tissue Massages and receive one more FREE. Save $86.00. Six for the price of five.

6 hours$430.00

Facial Series - Simply Your Custom Blended Facial

Purchase a series of five Simply Your Facials and you receive one more FREE. That is a $80.00 savings. Perfect to get for yourself or to give as a gift.

6 hours$400.00

Sea Spa Manicure Series

Purchase a series of five Sea Spa Manicures and you will receive one more FREE! A $35.00 savings. Perfect gift for the lady who receives frequent manicures or for you to use for yourself.

4 hours$175.00

Sea Spa Pedicure Series

Purchase a series of five Sea Spa Pedicures and receive one more FREE!. A $50.00 savings. Perfect gift for that individual who gets frequent pedicure or could use some assistance with foot care. Or a great way to treat yourself.

4.5 hours$250.00

Brazilian Wax Series

Purchase five Brazilian waxes and receive one FREE! A $55 value.

price minutes$275.00